Deb's Rituals for Living: Part One Morning Power Hour

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Want to change your life? How you start your day may be the best way to do it. Setting aside the first hour of the day for your own unique Morning Rituals can give your life a power boost.

It’s a rare morning these days that I can open my eyes and feel completely rested. My body has been trained for decades to punch a clock, so the minute day breaks, my brain turns on and sleep subsides, no matter what time I go to bed the night before. I’ve always envied those who can sleep until noon. I’m not one of them. Depending on the day’s load, or the night’s burden, I’m either wide awake and easily jump out of bed smiling or dragging my tired, but very awake body from its warm cocoon to start my day. No matter how my night went, I need my day to rock. To get there, I’ve found that these simple daily rituals help me stay focused and feel regenerated.

Stay Unplugged

It’s tempting to grab my phone first thing to find out what the world has been up to while I’ve been under the covers. By letting the rest of the world in before I’ve greeted my day properly, the noise of the outside world tends to drown out my own internal voice. One of the best ways I avoid this is to charge my phone in another room overnight, out of sight of my bedside. For more about this go to: (

Liver Tonic

First thing in the morning, my yawning body yearns for something warm and citrus-y. One of the very first things I do is prepare a tall mug of hot water with a generous squeeze of a lemon. I’ve heard this called the Liver Tonic. This fabulous hydrater pulses through my hungry system like water in the desert. Not only does it help my liver, it also boosts my immune system. If I’m running late in the morning, I just grab a lemon before I leave and head straight for the kitchen when I arrive at work. This way, as I get settled at my desk, I’m sipping on a cup of joy. To learn about the benefits, go to: (

Morning Journal

It takes about 10 minutes to write 500 words. Yes, I’ve timed it. This includes a few pauses to sip on my lemon water and think. I find a quiet place, take out my journal, and start with whatever comes out. Sometimes I sit in silence and wait for a word or a thought to land, never editing, allowing words to flow instead. No matter how busy my mind, I try not to let myself drift onto tedious to-do lists and derail a creative burst. There’s plenty of time to conquer my commitments in the regular course of a day. When I journal, I let go. My mind clears and I can start my day open-minded and free.

Whatever rituals you choose to create for your own unique “good morning,” the idea is to ground your body and settle your mind. By doing this you set the balanced tone for the day which can make a huge difference in your approach and will be reflected in your results.

Deborah Parrish