What's Your Healthy Addiction?


As autumn leaves start to fall from the maple trees in our small town of Sonoma, I simply go “coo-coo” for all things pumpkin: Pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, pumpkin-colored scarves to warm my neck, and my favorite coffee drink for this time of year, pumpkin-spiced latte. In the afternoons, I pop into Peet’s coffee shop to visit my son, Alex, who works there, and order myself a hot piping cup of PSL. I watch as Eric, the barista at the coffee bar, does his magic, spontaneously creating coffee-art by injecting white foam onto the surface. On this glorious fall day, he surprises me with a Swan dipping into its heart. Isn’t it beautiful?

If you like hand-pulled espresso, steamed milk, and the buttery texture of pumpkin pie, sprinkled with baking spices, then this autumn delicacy is for you. 

Have a cup while you enjoy our new novel, Home Sweet Sonoma.

Deborah Parrish