Georgia and Deb's Tips on Where to Sip, Savor, and Shop in Sonoma

24131195_10155062617946088_3839404990849398256_n Sonoma Christmas photo.jpg

Sonoma is a magical town at Christmas time. We love how it’s all decked out in white tiny lights, exuding a warm and festive atmosphere for locals and tourists strolling the plaza, hand in hand, on a brisk, wintry day. 

The stops along the way are many with inviting boutique tasting rooms, eclectic restaurants, chic shops, and native trees shining bright in the park. And nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ better than the sound of a cork escaping a bottle of bubbly. We hear this merry sound coming out of SIGH, when we pass by and where Deb and I hang out with dear friends whenever life gives us the chance. SIGH is Sonoma’s only bubble bar in town where champagne is poured, fizzes in delicate flutes and clink together in the hands of friends. Inside, inspiring quotes on the mirrors remind us to travel light on this magical journey we call life. What I love most about SIGH is how it promotes a happy vibe and fun-filled flair, making me, Deb and our besties feel right at home as we sip from a wide array of champagne vintages from SIGH’s cozy corner window. 

When dinner time hits, we walk a little further East to enjoy the best fine dining restaurant in Sonoma, Café La Haye, the place to savor a delicious American-inspired meal. This tiny gem is famous for its farm‑fresh Californian cuisine in a quaint, classy nook. We just love their culinary delights and mind-blowing, award-winning wines with promises of igniting our senses. 

For breakfast or lunch, Basque Boulangerie Café is home to Sonoma’s original sourdough and sweet French breads. The Café is a great food and java hot spot, known for its homemade soups, fresh sandwiches and salads, baked goods and home-made desserts. One word describes this place: Yummy!

After we’ve satisfied our bellies, whether it be morning, noon or night, we take the time to shop downtown and enjoy a little holiday shopping amongst the local merchants. Whether we are looking for the right stylish outfit (Bear Moon Clothing), a classic or best-selling book to read by the fire (Readers Books), a drop-dead gorgeous pair of designer shoes (Sole Desire), or some romantic soft lighting, (The Candlestick), all would make special gifts for under the tree.

We just love this time of year in Sonoma bright and merry as can be. We hope you will join us and experience the old-world charm of Sonoma for yourself—a great way to start the New Year!





Deborah Parrish