What to Do in Sonoma? Let Daine Shepherd Be Your Guide


With summer well under-way, you might be wondering what fun things there are to see or do in Sonoma. 

Well, let our handsome Barn Doctor (and the perfect travel guide), Daine Shepherd, of Home Sweet Sonoma, provide you with a unique local’s take — a less-touristy approach of what to do when here. Believe me, he knows.

First, Daine suggests a “hands on” wine-making class. Yes, there are amazing wineries around town that can teach you, but dreamy Daine would like to show you how himself. Enjoy the step-by-step technique by way of his own strong and rugged hands taking care of Gracie Taylor’s property. Even though it’s too early to pick the grapes, he can walk you through the entire process. And, when the day is done, he’ll leave you with a bottle of Gracie Taylor’s and Wyatt Dalton’s homemade batch, 2015 G&W Red, that will make you come back and beg for more.

Second, take a hike on the Overlook Trail. Daine traverses the local hills every morning with his dog, Barley, before he starts his day restoring old barns. When he gets to the top, he breathes in the mountain air and watches Barley kill those nasty rattlesnakes. After a long day working, Daine enjoys a delicious homemade lunch at the Sunflower Café — the food and pies are to die for! He spends many an afternoon devouring a fresh homemade chicken sandwich, then topping it off with his favorite warm-out-of-the-oven berry pie. 

Of course, there is always the Sonoma Plaza where he says, you can just sit on a bench and watch the kids play in the park, or rest your feet on the grass and have a picnic with your buddies while the ducks float peacefully in the pond. When it comes to shopping, The Lavender Brat can’t be beat for organic oils and soaps, and Gracie’s Second Chance potions.

But, wherever you choose to explore, Daine encourages you to come and spend the day in the wine country his way: slow and easy, steady as she goes. 


Deborah Parrish