Do You Have A Quiet Passion?


Passion burns inside each and every one of us. All it needs is just the daily fanning of the flame to grow into a powerful and purposeful life.

For Deborah Parrish and I, our quiet passion is writing. We can’t wait to get together and create, create, create. On the page, we harness this bubbly energy and channel it into a focused and cherished place for our readers to enjoy and immerse in our Home Sweet Sonoma World: harnessed, yet remarkably wild and freeing. 

For you and others, a quiet passion might be found in painting, meditation or reading. In the case of Claire Brooks, our beautiful red-haired character who is looking for love in all the wrong places, it’s photography.  She is most at home with herself when she gets behind the camera and photographs the faces of the townspeople of Sonoma with their deep sun-burnt expressions, or when she captures the comings and goings of their lives whether they are walking their dog, making a stop at the farmers’ market for fresh vegetables and fruit or sleeping under a shady oak tree. 

The world is terribly noisy now: filled with fear, defensiveness, hostility, and angst. We are bombarded by the popular (and in some cases real need) in social media to express one’s voice above a global sea of justifiable cries. 

But time slows down in our new novel, Home Sweet Sonoma. That world is a different pace. In our universe, we welcome you to come rest, restore and have a darn good time. Live light! Here, we foster what we call “Soul Food.” Rich and fun nuggets to keep you centered and joyful. We offer a place where, like in theme song of the old t.v. sitcom, Cheers, “Everybody knows your name.”

And if you’re lucky, when you come into our Home Sweet Sonoma town, Claire will be there waiting for you, ready to take your picture, as you laugh, share in a glass of wine with friends, or kiss your sweetheart under the Sonoma sun to memorialize your time on this one precious earth.