Bubbles & Giggles


How many of you ladies just can’t wait until the weekend to get your hands on a bottle of bubbly with your besties?

Don’t we all love those girlfriends who through thick and thin will meet up at a moment’s notice, especially if chilled Champagne is involved?

You’ve worked hard all week and now all you can think about is sitting in the spacious bay window with its comfy cushions, and kick-back to catch up on each other’s lives. Sharing stories that will put a smile on your face, or admiring an outfit that you just have to find out where your girlfriend got it. As the champagne bubbles burst in your glass, deep secrets may start to slur, but everyone agrees that “what happens in Sonoma, stays in Sonoma."

In the town of Sonoma, just off the plaza, there’s no better place to sip your dreams up, giggle your thoughts out, or even find yourself in tears than at the SIGH CHAMPAGNE BAR. This is where life stops, if only for a few hours, free from responsibilities, pressures, and “woe-is-me’s.” Here, you are surrounded in lightness ― light walls, white and cream furniture, with light inspirational quotes engraved in mirrors on the wall.

As you kick your feet up on a cork cushioned-filled chair, you’ll soon be showing off your pretty shoes — sure to be the subject of a little light-hearted conversation. So, put on a pair of your favorites that have a fun story to tell.

As for which sparkling wine to drink? The cute bartender at the counter recommends a classic french styled vintage, the Michel Forget Brut Rosé, known for its elegance, and understated taste, yet bright look with a fruity profile.

You might even find Kitty and Tess, our characters from Home Sweet Sonoma, sitting back there in the corner talking about the men in their lives, or swapping boardroom stories from their respective jobs. Regardless, just being together is all they really need where time stands still for the afternoon. We all need a girl-escape and it’s best done with a glass of bubbly in hand.

Deborah Parrish