Georgia's Exotic Travels to Kenya

I took a trip to Kenya, Africa in January. To say it was life-changing would be an understatement. Kenya deepened my love and appreciation for the wild and inspired me to muse about it in future novels. So, stay tuned for that exotic series!

When I was there, my imagination went crazy with wonderment and possibility. From the moment I stepped foot on the grasses of the Mara Plains, I was on fire with this intense energy surging through my body and soul.

The mysterious surroundings stirred up my primal instincts, and lustful desires. It was mating season there, after all. Each dawn, on safari, my senses were heightened by the calls of the wild. There, I heard the amorous, soft-purr mating sounds coming from the male leopard aimed at his mate. I was mesmerized by the sensual lullaby, and held captive by their intimate moment hidden in the brush. I never wanted to leave that spot.

On other days, I could taste on my tongue the hunger of a mother lion hunting down a zebra to feed her young cubs. Where was this shared hunger coming from I wondered? I had a visceral awareness that as mammals and mothers, we had the same needs, wants and desires. I no longer felt inhibited or repressed for feeling the passion I recognized inside my being.

One day, I was surrounded by a herd of elephants. I shared the same thirst as that of an elephant drinking from the Mara River to cool herself down under the sweltering heat that came from the pounding sun. Our eyes locked. We understood our respectful place with the herd. They trusted us as long as we stayed in our jeep.

As a writer and wander-lust adventurer, I realized that to create, it was important for me to get out of my daily routine in Sonoma and discover a wondrous and wild world in East Africa. My greatest dream was to write about Kenya and the things that are very much ecstatically alive in me. So stay tuned for more exotic tales in a series!

Deborah Parrish