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Eternal Connections

Are you one of those curious folks that loves to go back in time, immerse yourself in the past, and imagine the way life was during the good ol’ days in your own hometown? Do you like to marvel at old vintage photos, dive into the lives of those long gone, or read letters of love found in a hope chest? 

In our novel, Home Sweet Sonoma, Gracie Taylor did. She was a religious notetaker—especially when it came to the fixing of her beloved historic church. 

Every thought she had, inspiration from above or a practical “to do” item, found its place in her journal pages where days turned into years documenting the painstaking effort and daily devotions that brought her home of worship to life. In her journal entries, one learned of the musty pew that was saved from a past fire and placed under the rosette window where the sun streamed in every afternoon. The wooden pew was a front row seat to her eclectic and sacred shrine that consisted of angels, candles, rosaries, and framed photos of her loved ones—still alive or in heaven. 

Interspersed in her journals, Gracie crafted and wrote down her oil concoctions that could heal a broken heart, many were sold at her downtown boutique, The Lavender Brat. She placed dried flowers inside the pages to serve as a book marker for the most current entry of the day. Through her writings, she believed she was making history, if even in a small way. Her stories could not be erased, nor buried and forgotten if they were written down, and perhaps her daughter, Kitty, would come to appreciate her passion for preserving the past inside her old historic church.

Journal writings are evidence we once existed, and if, when reading them today, they change a life—then the dead are never really dead. They live on. The eternal heart still beats with every word inside our living moments.